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ish onCourse stands out as an exceptionally versatile student management and marketing platform, celebrated for its breadth of features among student management software offerings presently on the market. Crafted to seamlessly monitor potential students from their initial inquiry to application, enrolment, invoicing, payment, training, assessments, and eventual certification, onCourse integrates document storage capabilities, streamlining the myriad processes associated with student administration for educational entities.

The platform is customised for a broad spectrum of organisations, encompassing large-scale enterprises, government entities, universities and community colleges. It provides robust solutions tailored to meet the recording, reporting, and compliance mandates of Australian Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) and educational bodies abroad. Owing to its adaptability and comprehensive suite of features, onCourse simplifies processes for busy staff, merging student management, e-commerce, and marketing software capabilities into a single, cohesive system.

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Every automation we create is crafted to your exact specifications, leveraging custom email templates that ensure each message not only performs its function flawlessly but also resonates with your brand’s identity.

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Student automations

Enhance the student experience at every stage of their journey with an extensive suite of student communication automations in onCourse. From the initial application process — requiring additional information or documentation, through various approval stages, to enrolment and beyond.


  • New (Additional information required)
  • New (Approval subject to conditions)
  • New (Approved pending assessment)
  • New (Approved pending class)
  • New (Commencing soon)
  • New (Decision pending)
  • New (Documentation received)
  • New (Identification required)
  • New (USI required)
  • New
  • Offered (Upcoming intake)
  • Offered
  • Withdrawn


  • Certificate of Attendance
  • Statement of Attainment


  • Class cancelled
  • Class confirmed
  • Class reminder
  • Online meeting registration
  • Pre-course questions invitation


  • Concession
  • Concession has invalid concession number


  • Enrolment


  • Evaluation


  • Materials (Post-course)


  • Membership
  • Membership expired
  • Membership expiring


  • Welcome


  • Session reminder


  • Voucher
  • Voucher cancelled
  • Voucher expired
  • Voucher reminder

Waiting List

  • Waiting list created
  • Waiting list - Class scheduled

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Tutor automations

Empower your tutors with our comprehensive suite of tutor communication automations in onCourse, meticulously designed to facilitate seamless interaction and ensure they are always informed and prepared.


  • Biography required
  • Mobile phone number required
  • Tutor details required
  • Onboarding
  • Welcome


  • Class cancelled
  • Class confirmed
  • Class maximum reached
  • Class reminder


  • Enrolment late
  • Enrolment received


  • Accepted
  • Assigned
  • Assigned (Confirmation reminder)
  • Online Meeting
  • Parking confirmed


  • Session reminder
  • Session student attendance not marked


  • Student feedback
  • Student has disability
  • Student under legal age

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Payer automations

Streamline your financial interactions with onCourse through our payer communication automations. From reminding payers about abandoned shopping carts to notifying them of expiring credit notes, issuing invoices, and alerting them about overdue payments.


  • Abandoned shopping cart

Credit note

  • Credit note expiring


  • Invoice
  • Invoice overdue


  • Payment receipt
  • Refund receipt

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Compliance automations

Navigate the complexities of compliance effortlessly with our bespoke compliance automations. Addressing a broad spectrum of requirements, these automations ensure every aspect of your operation remains in check.


  • Application aged and requires withdrawal
  • Application on hold
  • Application with accepted status has no enrolment


  • Class availability conflict
  • Class budget invalid (Inconsistent GST application)
  • Class budget invalid (No student fee defined)
  • Class budget invalid (Wage cost for non-tutor entity)
  • Class budget invalid (Wage cost missing)
  • Class budget invalid (Wage cost type)
  • Class code invalid
  • Class confirmed tag exists too soon
  • Class has invalid online meeting ID
  • Class has no online meeting configured
  • Class income account incorrect
  • Class minimum places not set or too low
  • Class projected places not set or too low
  • Class not cancelled for class with cancellation reason
  • Class not cancelled for past class with zero enrolments
  • Class not visible online
  • Class schedule inconsistent
  • Class session allocated to inappropriate room
  • Class session has no tutor allocated
  • Class session room not yet allocated
  • Class session room undefined
  • Class student attendance not marked
  • Class timetable invalid
  • Class tutor not allocated
  • Class tutor not allocated to sessions
  • Class web visibility conflict
  • Class tutor role invalid for appearing in publicity


  • Concession has invalid concession number
  • Duplicate contact
  • Invalid email address


  • Course allows waiting list flag is not enabled
  • Course code is invalid
  • Course linked to parent subject node
  • Course name exceeds maximum character length
  • Course name invalid
  • Course print description invalid
  • Course relationships duplicated
  • Course waiting list is enabled for online only course


  • Room availability conflict
  • Room session conflict


  • External link missing rel="noopener" attribute
  • External link missing target="_blank" attribute
  • Internal link contains invalid course name
  • Internal link erroneously contains rel="" attribute
  • Internal link is missing leading slash character
  • Internal link is not absolute/relative
  • Internal link points to invalid course code
  • Internal link points to invalid subject node
  • Internal link for course that is not related


  • Geographic coordinates invalid
  • Geographic coordinates not assigned
  • Site inactive
  • Site invalid address
  • Site not web visible
  • Site web visible with no classes


  • Duplicate memberships
  • Evaluation contains invalid characters
  • Invalid student waitlist count
  • Student employee has not staff concession
  • Student employee has no staff relation to entity


  • Tutor attendance requires marking (unpaid tutor)
  • Tutor availability conflict
  • Tutor email missing
  • Tutor employee has no staff relation to entity
  • Tutor employment type not defined
  • Tutor has invalid wage budget for employment type
  • Tutor inactive
  • Tutor linked entity ABN not defined
  • Tutor not confirmed
  • Tutor orphaned wage exists
  • Tutor parking required
  • Tutor pay not claimed
  • Tutor pay rate override exists on tutor role
  • Tutor payroll reference improperly defined
  • Tutor payroll reference not defined
  • Tutor resume block missing
  • Tutor resume contains invalid characters
  • Tutor role invalid for appearance in publicity
  • Tutor role not explicitly defined within public label
  • Tutor session conflict
  • Tutor TFN not defined
  • Tutor with finished date assigned to class

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Unlock the full potential of your educational management system with integrations. Leverage a robust suite of tools designed to seamlessly connect onCourse with a broad spectrum of leading products and services.


  • Cloud Assess


  • Okta

Email Marketing

  • Mailchimp


  • MYOB
  • Xero


  • USI Agency
  • Service NSW Voucher
  • VET Student Loans


  • Canvas
  • Coassemble
  • Google Classroom
  • LearnDash
  • Moodle
  • TalentLMS


  • Micropower


  • Amazon S3
  • Microsoft Azure


  • Alchemer
  • SurveyMonkey


  • Kronos

Integrations and their specific functionalities are carefully curated and established by ish, and might not encompass the full breadth of capabilities available through each product’s API. In certain instances, we may have the flexibility to enhance and expand functionality beyond the default integrations provided by ish, tailoring automation solutions to better meet your unique needs.

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Notification automations

Keep your team informed and proactive with our comprehensive notification automations, designed to ensure seamless internal communication within your organisation. These automations serve as an essential tool to keep staff updated on key developments and actions required across different segments of onCourse.


  • Application commenced
  • Application decision required
  • Application missing attachment
  • Application offered
  • Application pending


  • Class cancelled
  • Class confirmation required
  • Class maximum approaching
  • Class maximum reached
  • Class reminder
  • Class resources required
  • Class scheduled
  • Class session reminder
  • Class confirmed
  • Class online meeting reminder


  • Course created
  • Course inactive but not disabled
  • Course incubating
  • Course published


  • Enrolment Cancellation (Refund)
  • Enrolment Cancellation (Transfer)
  • Enrolment Cancellation (Waitlist)
  • Enrolment active
  • Enrolment active SMS
  • Enrolment failed
  • Enrolment fee not paid
  • Enrolment from competing organisation
  • Enrolment in transaction
  • Enrolment into cancelled class
  • Enrolment late
  • Enrolment not processed
  • Enrolment under minimum age
  • Enrolment withdrawn late
  • High enrolment activity


  • Unbalanced transactions exist
  • Unbalanced credit note


  • Product purchased
  • Product purchased has no associated enrolment


  • Room created


  • Site availability conflict
  • Site created


  • Student concession
  • Evaluation approval required
  • Evaluation received
  • Evaluation review required
  • Staff membership required
  • Waiting list created

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Elevate your efficiency: The power of process automation

Unlock efficiency, accuracy, and growth.

Embrace the transformative power of automation and propel your organisation into a future where efficiency and precision lead the way. Automation offers a myriad of benefits designed to streamline operations, enhance accuracy, and foster growth.

  1. Increased Efficiency: Automations streamline repetitive tasks, reducing the time and effort required to complete them, thus speeding up overall operational processes.
  2. Enhanced Accuracy: By minimising human intervention, automations reduce the likelihood of errors, ensuring data integrity and accuracy across systems.
  3. Improved Productivity: Automation frees up staff to focus on more strategic, value-added activities, enhancing productivity and job satisfaction.
  4. Cost Savings: Over time, the efficiency gains from automation lead to significant cost savings by reducing the need for manual labour and mitigating the risk of costly errors.
  5. Scalability: Automation solutions can easily scale up or down based on demand, providing flexibility and supporting growth without the need for proportional increases in staff.
  6. Data-Driven Decisions: Automated systems often collect and analyse data, providing insights that can inform better decision-making and strategy development.
  7. Enhanced Customer Experience: Automations can lead to faster response times and more personalised interactions, improving the overall customer experience.
  8. Consistency: Automation ensures that processes are carried out in a consistent manner, maintaining a high level of quality and reliability in operations and outputs.
  9. Risk Reduction: By standardising processes and reducing human error, automation lowers the risk associated with security, compliance, and operational mistakes.
  10. Innovation: With routine tasks automated, organisations can allocate more resources to innovation and development, staying ahead of competition and meeting evolving market demands.

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Frequently asked questions

Your questions, answered.

Getting started is straightforward. Begin by ensuring your organisation is on the Premium or Enterprise plan. Next, reach out to us to schedule an onboarding session. We’ll guide you through the setup process, including granting us administrator access, and discuss your specific automation needs.

Absolutely! Customisation is at the heart of onCourse Automation. We work closely with you to tailor each automation according to your specific requirements, ensuring they align perfectly with your operational workflows and brand identity.

Changes and updates can be made easily. Contact us with your requirements, and we’ll assist you in modifying your automations to suit your evolving needs. Our flexible architecture allows for quick adjustments.

Security is a top priority. onCourse Automation is built on a secure platform, adhering to industry-leading protocols to ensure your data and processes are protected at all times.

Yes, onCourse Automation comes with a variety of pre-built integration interfaces compatible with many popular products, enabling us to craft powerful automations that enhance your workflow. For security reasons, any new external integrations require direct assistance from ish to ensure secure and compliant implementation. Please reach out to discuss how we can leverage these existing integrations to meet your specific needs.

Our dedicated support is here to assist you every step of the way. From initial setup and customisation to ongoing maintenance and troubleshooting, we provide comprehensive support to ensure your automations run smoothly.

Both Saint Rollox Digital and ish take data privacy and compliance very seriously. onCourse Automation is compliant relevant regulations, ensuring your operations meet the highest standards of data protection and privacy.

Saint Rollox Digital

A longstanding collaboration with ish and onCourse

Partnering with ish since 2009.

Since 2009, our journey with ish has been marked by innovation and growth, shaping a legacy of excellence in educational management. Our long-term association underscores our commitment to delivering cutting-edge solutions, tailored to evolve with the needs of our clients and the industry.